It has begun.  Hell, it’s already passed the $500,000 mark and is on it’s way to record breaking monies again.
There are the same type of 30 base minis for the Bones II Core Set similar to the Bones I and a set of 24 Bonus Figures to go with it.

The stretch goals following the Halloween Bonesylvania Trick or Treat Map have quickly been marked off.

Some really cool options have already been revealed as well.  Including some more Translucent Blue Water Elementals Bones:

Don’t get left out in the cold.  Watch the monitor above or go to the Kickstarter.

Oh and as a reminder:  F5 isn’t necessary for the the pledge counter on KS.  But it sure feels good.


Here’s the Bones Original Concepts Wallpaper I made and posted to the Reaper Forums.  Download and use yours today.

They are (L to R): Fire Giant, Wyrmgear, Storm Giant, Kaladrax, Frost Wyrm, Frost Giant, Cloud Giant, and Nethyrmaul.

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