I got home last night and attached the wings.

First I glued them into the designated spaces with super glue.  However, the wings are too thin I couldn’t easily pin them, so I bolstered the super glue with some green stuff.


This afternoon, I will file the heels and the wing joins down and smooth them out.

Then when I get home, I will prime the bugger.

I figure I can get the first base coat done tonight and maybe begin layering in the belly/mouth color.


If I stick to pink-purple, do you guys think it’s best to lay down a pink base coat and then layer in purple shading or should I start with a smidge of purple in the pink?

I obviously will have to see what they might look like first but I thought I would ask general opinion.  You know, keep this WIP interactive. Yeah.

Comments from Reaper:

I think I would start with purple and make it brighter and brighter with pink (mixed with purple).

I prefer shading down to a darker color rather than up, but it’s a personal preference.  I think either would work well.  Priming white?

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