Yup, primed white.  Which I managed when I got home this afternoon.


I am working a bit tonight so to break up the night I brought him in for basecoating.

First base coat done … underside and wings.  I went with Rose and Vallejo Stencil mixed equally to get the pink-purple start point.


Took the pics after underside was done but before the wings.

On to the green … starting with Vallejo Yellow Green.  We’ll see where we take it from there.  Maybe mix in some purple to get going.

As an aside:  He reminds me of a lab rat in the picture above.  🙂  *NARF*  “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”

Here he is with his green sections blocked out.  Happy with everything so far.


Horns and claws will be a matte black.  His eyes will be a real purple I think.  His rabbit like teeth will remain bright white with some yellowing in between.

More tomorrow.  Wait, it is tomorrow.

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