She’s not on the forums.  I think.

Anyway, the Jabberwocky in question is not the Bones Jabberwock from the Kickstarter.  Those disappointed may want to stick around anyway.

Feel free to comment or point and snicker.

Here it is:


I got this on the holiday clearance sale at FRP Games last December.  The manufacturer:


As you can see I already pulled it out and played with it a bit to see how it assembles and what shape it’s in.

Overall it’s a stout figure with the caricature wings and a fairly standard jabberwocky face.


The legs were askew from the blister so after some careful adjusting I managed to get it close to where it will stand on it’s own.  Sadly it was rather boring looking as it was kind of head down.

Sorry, I was working on this in between getting home from work and dinner out with the family so I forgot the unpackaging and initial setup shots.

So, after getting him set, I picked out a piece of slate for him that was big enough for his base and the figure.  Then I figured out where I would attach him to the base.  Marked the stone with pencil.  Then pinned his foot.


Measuring where the pin was, I drilled a hole through the slate with a masonry bit.

I wanted to dress up his base and angle him up a bit on  the rock so he’s looking more level without manhandling his head up and then trying to angle it forward.  The base included is a large, slotted, lipped round.  I covered the slot with a little tape, put down the smaller piece of slate with some superglue, filled the lip with black ballast and brought it to the edge of the first piece of slate.  Then after lining up the larger piece of slate with the hole, I added superglue to the smaller slate edge and the lip at the other end.  I filled in the open space formed by the angled pieces with more black ballast.



As you can see, the smallest masonry bit is too large for the pin so I added some green stuff and smoothed it out.

In this instance, I don’t plan to paint the base at all.  I like the look of it and it’s not a gaming piece.  It will get sprayed at the end with sealer and Dullcote.

Once I had the base assembled and things set where they should be, I didn’t like how his feet were placed on the rock and wanted to adjust it a little.  So I put some green stuff on while holding it to the rock and molded it into more of a heel.  I intentionally left it a bit larger then I think the end result will be so I can sand it back.


Here he is resting in on the base from both sides:



Later tonight I will attach his wings.  His heels needed time to cure a bit so I don’t mess them up while working on his wings.  Tomorrow I sand the green stuff out and prime him.

For a paint scheme I was thinking of pink-purple on the belly around to purple-green on top and the back ridges blackened purple with some pink-purple around the mouth from under his chin and the top armored portion of his face being the purple-green.

Or a reverse of that.

We’ll see.  I have until Friday evening to finish it.  Earlier if I plan to wrap it.  LOL

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