Damn.  Kickstarter’s getting me again.  Time to promote them all then.

Reaper Miniatures :: CAV : Strike Operations

CAV: Strike Operations is a project to bring to life the CAV Universe with an all-new game edition and high-quality plastic figures.

Even if you don’t like the mechs or the system … get in on this for the new Reaper Paints.  Still a great deal at $1 buy-in and $9 add-on.

Stonehaven Miniatures :: Half-Orc Adventurers

The Half-Orc Adventurers Project will create a diverse group of Half-orc miniatures for Dungeon-crawling and and tabletop wargames.

This is shaping up to be another great sub-race based miniature line from the great people 40 minutes from me, Mike and Petra.  They’ve had four successful Kickstarters featuring Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves and Pop-up Terrain.  This one is looking great as well.

Happy Seppuku :: Your Board: Create Your Own Dungeon Tiles

Funding the production of a new set of tools so you can create your own set of low cost, professional looking dungeon tiles.

The Happy Seppuku gang makes some really great stamps for green stuff and other epoxy or polymer clay.  This allows us to use them to make quick and easy dungeon, cavern, city, indoor tiles for ourselves.  Mixing the new stamps for the kickstarter along with the older ones you might have gotten with their first kickstarter, we can make some really creative tiles.  Looking forward to getting the cavern stamps.

Warhound Studios :: Project Battlefield 2

25 and 40mm round beveled battlefield bases and 25mm mountain squares.  Ever since I can remember I have loved the Hobby of miniature painting. From there I expanded to the Terrain and Gaming table side of this passion, and then i found myself getting more in depth in the basing side of the hobby.

Fellow base enthusiast, Dennis Gates, is back with some new battlefield resin rounds as well as some mountain 25mm square resin bases. Dennis delivered his first KS in a timely manner and they had great detail. Check em out.

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