Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s here:

Number Five!


I bought another one with the LTPK 4.

But which HE is it?

  • Medium Gray with Blue (Thanos)
  • Purple w/ Blue (Sentinel/Galactus)
  • Red w/ Gold (Ironman)
  • Bright Blue w/ Red (Captain America)
  • Dark Blue w/ Yellow (Beast)
  • Gunmetal Gray w/ Green (Doom)

I like the idea of a blue one.  We have Orange, Red, Green and Silver.

So there’s 6 choices above … representing various “large” Marvel characters (yes, Cap being the “smallest”),

Here’s what I am going to do… I am going to post the above ones to their own thread post on Reaper.  The one with the most likes by Sunday night, Midnight (9/8 Eastern) will be the next Golem.

As an aside, here’s the card this guy came stapled to:


* Where’s WIP 14? It got skipped in the title of the posts. There are two number 13s.

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3 thoughts on “Marvel Golem WIP 15: Number Five is Alive”

  1. Noted, thanks for voting. Post a link to your Kang when you get him done.

    So far Thanos is still behind Doctor Doom on Reaper. He's winning outside of Reaper so the bump vote may well make the difference in the end.

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