Paint Day in the Finger Lakes yields a considerable amount of time to get some work in on my Marvel Golem team.

First, I jumped on getting Doctor Doom basecoated with Honed Steel for his “armor” and Leaf Green for his “tunic/hood” and he looks very Doom-like.

Then I got back to Colossus and cleaned up his True Silver skin and add Blood Red to the golem’s “skirt” and bracers.

He’s a Team Shot:

And thanks to Reaper sponsoring our Paint Day with some Paint and Take love, here’s the Sixth team member:



I got him primed black.  So thanks to all those who voted for him (inside and outside of Reaper).  Up next if I get another Golem (donated or picked up) it will be the Iron Man scheme.

Might get some work in on the bunch while watching the games today.

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