The delay in getting back to and finishing Thanos has been long but there were other worthy efforts delaying him.  But return was inevitable and so here’s the work to date on the big blue guy.

When last we saw Thanos he was a large gloss black covered prepared mini but since he’s…

Gotten Blue:

This is straight Reaper Sapphire Blue basecoated over Black.  The results are a striking and brighter blue than I expected.  It went on pretty opaquely.

He Yellowed a Bit:

I added the basecoat yellow to the various areas to represent the Marvel character.  I had to run some more blue to clean up.  But it was progress.

He Warmed Up a Little:

The yellow was just too bright and he really needed some dimension to the color so I mixed up an impressive Peach like color.  No idea what the recipe was … I just kept adding stuff until I reached a color I liked and looked good in place.

I think you’d agree that the Peach added quite a bit to the yellows.

He Got Detailed and Based:

I added the weathering as well as all of the cracks and crevices he has.  The eyes came out really well since I had to remove some yellow from around his eyes.  They now look like they are glowing.  The white rubbings and dark crevices make him look much more like stone.

The base was plain Jane and needed some more stuff.  So I broke a gear and embedded it in the wood planks.  It looks as if the break occurred a distance and the piece embedded itself in the wood.

This weekend I will add some sand for more moss and paint the planks like I did the rest.  The gears will get a weathering treatment as well.

In all, the Marvel Golems have been a blast.  Stay tuned for the finale, Hulkbuster Armor Earth Elemental, and the Show Off version of Thanos.

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Yes, I jumped a number as the Earth Elemental was out of sequence.  Big deal.  It’s not like we’re counting … oooh.

Show Offs:

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