Had a quiet evening for a change, so I got started on adding detail to Hulkbuster beyond the sculpting.  I began with the largest sections of stone on his chest.

First though, I checked around Google images for rock patterns in red with some striations that I liked.

I found this guy:

In the image above you can see a variety of striations.

Obviously, the rock above has a huge level of detail, but I wanted to have a reference that would give me ideas on how to vary the color but still stay in the “red,” so to speak, I started with.

Here’s my first test on his chest stones:

Detail shot
From a normal distance

In there are some dark orange (mixed Palomino Gold, Carnage Red and Sun Yellow), dark red (mixed Carnage Red and Mahogany Brown), and along with greenish silver veins (mixed Light Blue, Grass Green, and True Silver).

Lighting minimized the silvery green, so I might go back over it with some matte varnish to get the final look.

Thoughts? Theories on Brane Universes?

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