After contemplating the previous attempts to create rock striations and patterns I decided to do some work towards “dirtying” him up a bit.  Thus below you will find the upper torso, upper arms, head and abdomen are now “dirty.”

I also did some color on the “chest arc” or gem.  I added a greenish yellow to two facets and a glossy white to the other two facets with a blue flame delineating the facet edges.

The face needed more striations so I added more of the dirt and used the greenish yellow (mix of Sun Yellow and Blue Flame – unlabeled sample I got that looks like the new color in the KS).  I added the brown to the entire piece of fossil in his shoulder after lightening the red that was under there with the greenish yellow.

All and all, he’s getting closer and closer to where I want him.  I’ve made small course corrections as I have tried to navigate how I want his surfaces to look.  I prolly won’t get to more of him before Paint Day.

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