After releasing the finished version of the Myconid Cephalopod I got to thinking about it.
Should I make one attacking?  Does this thing have a mouth or does it place the bodies of its victims around itself to slowly draw nutrients away from the new fertilizer?  If that’s the case perhaps I need some skeleton parts, corpses or a zombie to create some victims around the new guy’s base.

So, last night I sculpted a new cap and a new stem for this new beastie out of Sculpey.  I will be using a larger base.

The stem is much narrower than the finished product at this point since it’s really just a twisted bit of stone sticking up from the ground for the monster to use.  The grounding tentacles will be buried down to the base with some loose rocks and victims scattered around them.

The next thing I have to consider is building an armature for the tentacles and applying a base covering around them.  I think I will be using Green Stuff once that is set to get better detail on the tentacle skin.  Time to get out my pin vise to roll out the texture.

Here’s some pics of the cap and stem after baking and then lengthening the stem and adding bulk on top of the cap.

Mushroom Cap
Stem with armature notch

Insert gratuitous Cheech and Chong baked joke here! 
Possibly something about a muppet dog howling at the moon would work as well.

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