Way back when I posted a few cool finished pieces of wood from a local vendor to the blog and talked about how I would use them on miniatures.

Display Bases:  Finished Wood Crosscuts

Recently, I decided to build on that. I wanted to bring these unique items to the miniature enthusiasts at large, so I created WoldStand through my Markshire Studios personal business name.

I cherry picked some initial offerings (pun intended) and will be adding even more stock to the site before a week is over.  Within the catalog are a burl, a silver maple knot, an Austrian pine plinth as well as some one inch rounds and one of my favorites, the three inch Sycamore hexagons.

Some examples of the new stuff:

My favorite, the silver maple knot.
A burl or growth on a tree.
The flipside:
Kind of looks like a turtle.
But imagine it with a velociraptor and some static grass.
A fairly symmetrical hexagon.

And let’s not forget the little tabletop guys.  I have one inch rounds cut from yew and oak branches.  Both with really interesting aspects to make each of your minis unique.  Even if you have 20 tangerine goblins.

I hope everyone goes nuts and buys out my stock, or at least, someone buys $20 worth a week for the next year.  That works too. 

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