Sanding Files

Not long ago I had visited Hobby Lobby and as usual I went to the section where the sanding needles are.  I hadn’t used all of my last batch by any means but was thinking ahead.

I came across these sanding files in the same location…

They are 1/8 inch by 6.5 inches and the abrasives are applied to a flexible foam.  One side is the lighter grit (240) and the other is the heavier grit (120).  Because it’s made from foam, you can bend it to get into odd crevices on your miniature.  You can also cut it into pieces and clamp it with a tool, like a pin vise or forceps.

One of the more interesting features for me is that these, like the sanding needles, work on Reaper’s Bones material.  One of these sanding files lasted long enough to completely remove all of the seams from Reaper’s Bones Kaladrax.

And finally, these are extremely cost effective.  They are $3.99 at Hobby Lobby up to $7.99 on Amazon for 12 files.

I count these among my required tools and bought an extra pack the next time I was in Hobby Lobby.  In addition to the medium grit packs they also come in Fine Grit (240/320) and Course Grit (100/180).

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