A while back Joe Kutz posted a reply to a thread on Reaper about holding the miniature while painting that included a link to a cool tool.

I have “add to my Amazon wishlist” for Firefox ready for any cool things I find on websites.  This was a no brainer.  I usually store things in there for review later.  Upon review I decided I liked it even better for the job.

Well, last week was my birthday and lo the Universal Parts Holder was delivered unto me.


This thing is super cool.  The pins can hold anything.  I seriously played with it the entire night while playing Talisman.  I locked in Talisman figures, dice, cards, etc.  The next day I tried it out on my shale based minis.  The irregular shapes were locked in nice and tight.

The grip is comfortable and sticks out from under my fist just enough to set it firmly on a desk/tabletop if I need an extra steady moment.  You can unscrew the handle and put the jig assembly into a vise for cutting, air brushing, etc.  I suggest taping off the other holes to prevent filling them.

It’s worth the $20 Amazon calls for.  The original site that Joe posted about is Widget Supply and they have a slightly different tool for a bit cheaper ($13).

I also got a tube of Kneadatite’s Green Stuff.  Woot!

ADDENDUM:  It comes in a hands-free option now.  AWESOME!

With a plastic square tile based mini:

With a larger giant and irregular shale base:

Alternate Options on Amazon:

Universal Work Holder by CM Supply

Universal Work Holder PEG CLAMP VISE+ 8 pins by FindingKing

Jeweler’s Adjustable Work Holder Vise by Jeweler’s Tools

Hands Free Universal Work Holder  by Eurotool

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