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Reaper Miniatures’

Bones Ankheg

with Metallic Chitin on Flagstone Base

When I decided to work on this miniature it was because the base was already made and I liked the idea of something coming out of it, so I went with Reaper’s Ankheg.

As a Bones mini it was easy to remove pieces of the integral base until I just had the stones remaining.

And mixing in some more stones from the same stamp as the base allowed it to fit in with the base more.

The Ankheg is a combination of Bronzes except for highlights.

There’s plain Vallejo Bronze down his back as the base coat.

Then the other colors are all mixed with the bronze for similar effect:

Reaper Midnight Blue, Reaper Leaf Green, and Reaper Spattered Crimson.

The flagstones are all Vallejo Neutral Gray or that mixed with Midnight Blue and Reaper Rattlesnake Leather.

Vallejo Chocolate Brown was used for the “dirt” side of bricks or the loose dirt that came with the integral base.

Reaper Walnut Brown was used as a wash for the entire piece.

Close Up Photos:

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