Reaper Miniatures


Harrow, Reidlar of Terror

I bought Gauntfield to specifically use him as my terrifying Reidlar (embodiment of emotions/thoughts), Harrow, for my custom campaign, Markshire.  The miniature was perfect for the character … a detailed scarecrow with a scythe and a bag of bones and other tidbits who pulls unwary adventurers and children into his “Courtyard” to terrorize them with his smaller scarecrows stuffed with raven feathers and twisted ash sticks.

This great miniature by Bob Ridolfi was based on a metal slug and I slowly created an eerie, dead tree from skewers, rocks, green stuff, and finally green putty.  Then after it was assembled and painted, I decided he needed a pile of leaves around his legs.  Ones drawn together by his magic so you’ll see traceries of fell yellow magic outlining the leaves.

You can see all of the steps leading to this finished piece on WIP 1 | WIP 2 | WIP 3.

I present, Harrow.


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