Straight from his successful tour of the Reaper Miniatures Bones II Kickstarter map…


“Walking for Pledges ’13”


The diorama was part-and-parcel with the concept of the miniature from the get go.  Just thought I was behind getting it done for the Reaper Halloween Painting Contest.

Mr. Bones is removable from the diorama.

Examples of the Kickstarter Stretch Goal Campaign Game Board designed by Reaper Miniatures for keeping us poor, mindless customers engaged and enthralled. The left side shows the haunted house and keep out sign that the diorama is based around. The game board pieces are lit yellow for where he has been and blue for where he had yet to go.

I painted the OSL on the ground and objects near the glowing game board steps.

The sign while not an exact match to the one in the game board from the Kickstarter was much more readable this way.  I might take some more photos of different sides tomorrow without the dramatic lighting so you can see the work in it … albeit a bit on the “NEED TO GET IT DONE!!” side.

You can reference the WIPs (see below) for Bones and his Pledge Walk.

Sadly, as I was rushing this … I took less photos for WIP progress on the diorama.  Oh, well.  Enjoy!

WIP 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1




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