Here it is the finished ten-foot-tall Myconid Cephalopod.  This strange critter lies in wait luring unsuspecting underground miners or adventurers close with its seemingly harmless glowing cap and then using both of its ten-foot-long tentacles it will rend you in half.

Wish I had lighting to make give this an underground look but here are the shots.

These are pre-Dullcote pics.  I sealed the cap except for the spots to make it a little off.  I also sealed the stalagmite and growths its perched on so it looks wet.  Once I Dullcote it, I will likely add a bit of gloss varnish back to those areas.

As always comments are appreciated.  If you see something I might have done differently or something I might improve with a different technique, please let me know.  Please include links to videos and/or tutorials.

Thank you for checking this out.

From above the cap:

From below the cap (slightly):

 If you want to use this idea in your campaign simply use the stats for a Roper and describe it like above.  The players will never know what hit them.  And then from here on out Mushrooms of any size will make them paranoid … without eating them.


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