Hellborn Troll

On a Plane of Volcanic Glass

This brute of a troll obviously has some extra-planar blood coursing through his veins. He walks the wasteland of his abyssal home across sheets of volcanic glass that stretch unending. Dust flows around his footsteps and he holds aloft a large shard of the glass to summon his clan with his demonic power.

This Reaper Miniatures Warlord miniature is pretty friggin awesome and was waiting on further inspiration to get from the shelf of shame pack into my queue. I told him no for some time. It is quite a bit of real dust ingrained with the sand on his base. But with my recent … let’s be optimistic and call it … a flood of painting miniatures, he finally made it back to the fore.  (Bones Version)

You can check out the WIP post to see everything I did to get him here. WIP

He shall now join the ranks of his fellow giant-kin to stand against the machinations of those grievous creatures who call themselves “adventurers.”

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