You’re all alone in the treasury of the old wizard’s tower.

Or are you?…

One of my co-workers loves to hang out on the beach of a state park on the shore of Seneca Lake called Sampson.  It was an old naval training base and now there’s a veteran cemetery out there as well.  She came in one day all excited because she’d found me a great piece of wood for me to work with.  I looked at it and smiled, “heh, you found me an elephant’s ear.”

“No, silly.  It’s an eye.”  She flips it around and indicates what she meant.

“Hmm. I see it, but I kind of like the elephant’s ear.”  I flip it around and around a few times.

Okay, it’s definitely better as an eye.

To see the process, head on over to Reaper Miniatures forums where I did the original WIP so long ago.

So I present …
The Dragon’s Eye:

This is for sale on my Etsy Store:



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