A Hellborn Troll

WizKids' Dungeons & Dragons: Nolzurs Marvelous Minis: Troll

Recently, I checked the paint aisle at AC Moore to find the missing FolkArt Pickling Washes while my wife shopped for school play costume materials. Nearby I found FolkArt Ultra Dyes and picked up two colors to check out; Purple Rain and Pucker Up (a yellow).

I enjoy using FolkArt’s Glass Enamels.  They have a long cure time and I thought these might work similarly.   I decided to wash my troll with the Purple Rain to see how the paint goes on and how the paint comes out.

Color Samples

Screenshot of the two FolkArt Ultra Dye colors as shown in the PaintRack app from Courageous Octopus LLC.

The paint came out fairly thick from the bottle, but I might not have shaken it long enough.  It was taking forever to dry so I hit it with some Testors Dullcote to speed the process and reduce the shine.  The paint is very glossy much like inks. I coated his upper torso to see how it lays and treated it like a wash to apply the shadow for my troll’s skin.

To bring down the glaring purple, I used Reaper Blood Red as the middle tone coat.  It gives him the Hellborn look I wanted. Reaper Violet Shadow was used to darken his hair, teeth and claws.  I then went back over the boney bits with the FolkArt Ultra Dye. It'll put the glossy touch to the claws and teeth as well as bring the near radioactive purple back.

Initial Work

After repeating the process on his legs, I got out Reaper Brilliant Red (OOP) to use as a highlight on the skin of the troll.  The exceptions were the warts which I highlighted with Reaper Entrail Pink (OOP). For the highlight in his hair, I used Reaper Malvernian Purple.  I used the Reaper Brilliant Red to pick out the veins along his arms and his legs to show them off more. The loin cloth is Reaper Ogre Skin (Monster Colors Kit) and the belt is Reaper Fireball Orange.  The loin cloth and belt are washed with Reaper Rotting Wood to make them dingy and shadowed. Naturally, his teeth are done in Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil, my go to white.

I basecoated the log in Reaper Dragon Red then created “scaling” with Reaper Griffon Tan, and finally made wormholes and rot with Reaper Red Shadow.  The ground is Reaper Rotting Wood as a base wash. The stone shelf he’s standing on is edged in Reaper Dirty Grey, which I also used for the lichen on the log.  The shadows of the ground are a wash of P3 Cryx Bane Base and some lining with Reaper Coal Black (seasonal set).

Adding More Details

Show Off

As you can see this is the most nuclear looking troll where I took my inspiration from FolkArt's Ultra Dye "Purple Rain" and as the base shadow and wash.  Also included in the skin triad are Reaper Blood Red and Reaper Brilliant Red for the highlights.

Final Images

Close Ups


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