As I mentioned in the WIP, my buddy, @muddy, likes Minotaurs for his PCs.  This time he wanted at Monk for the 5E campaign he's currently participating in.  He explicitly wanted a black-horned version of a red Texas Longhorn.

I pulled out my reds and decided on Reaper Auburn Shadow as the base color for this guy.  I used Reaper Red Liner as the shadow and Reaper NNM Tarnished Copper as the Highlight.  The colors are subtle shifts and a little hard to make out in photos.

He used to have two battleaxes and his horns were a smidge longer and less "Longhorn" looking.  The axes came off easily and I replaced the space with his hand bands ala-Karnak from Marvel's Inhumans.

I gave him the necklace to imply movement as if he might be mid-spin.  The skull might have a mind of its own when it comes to his defense.

Enjoy!  I'll be packing it up soon to ship to Muddy.

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