Been staring at the Bones Stone Golems, 77171, and wondering what to do with them.

Ran ideas around and round … starting with the Jade Golem from vulture … pulled some greens to consider as well as other alternate colors for golems.

Onyx, Jade, Rudy, Topaz … gem stones?


Rock.  Rock facets.  So I start thinking about the Interwebs for how to paint the worn rock edging.  I pull up stone golem images and I run across:

Ben Grimm, The Thing.

And I recall how my group refers to miniatures.  We always compare them to various media figures, so why not start there.

I present to you, Three Marvel Golems:


  • The Thing
  • The Hulk
  • TBD

The last one … I’m looking for a solid-colored, “massive” Marvel character.  Colossus, perhaps?  Or can I just represent Captain America?  Or go with “strength” and make a “Thor” sans cape?

Throw down your thoughts.  I plan to start with The Thing.  Suggestions on techniques to get the best version of Thing’s orange rock feel are welcome.

Thanks, T

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