This piece is initially made out of Sculpey.  I created a core and cured that.  Then I attached more clay to get the rough stem show below. I made a small cup for the mushroom cap.  I assembled all of those with super glue and a pin for the cap.  Then I added sand and some ballast to represent other plant and fungi clinging to the larger mushroom.


With all of that attached to the base I felt the roots need an extension and the cap needed its frill.  So I used Green Stuff to make two longer spiraling roots and filled the cap and made the frill.  This is the first time I’ve ever used the two part epoxy.  I usually use the paste to fill gaps.


Since then I put some paint on it to start it off.  A white primer first then some vanilla/ivory on the stem/roots a brown wash and golden yellow on the cap.


So you can see the size of the mushroom … here it is next to my Reaper Wraith (02587 :: Wraith w/ 2hand sword by Sandra Garrity).


More to come.

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