It’s What to Write Wednesday and I conduct a test. 

A culmination of Kickstarters and local sourcing has lead to an idea.  Having participated in both the first +Reaper Miniatures Bones Kickstarter and the Happy Seppuku Putty Texture Stamp Kickstarter I have determined that combined with some locally sourced wood products I can make the best display base for my Clockwork Dragon, Wyrmgear!

I once again visited the Ithaca Farmers Market last weekend and found a couple of potential large creature bases.   First, I found an incredible combination piece.  This 4-inch or 100mm round piece of wood is made from a burl.  The top of the round is rough still giving it a sort of terrain look.

At first, I thought perhaps I could paint the top of it and add more details to make it look like real terrain but then … I’ll make a post in the middle and add clay to make the base a flying stand.  The possibility of that is intriguing but will have to wait until I find an appropriate miniature.

I was considering this unusual round piece when another piece caught my eye.  It was geometrically shaped and finished already and perhaps nearly an inch in height and made of Siberian Elm.  I only know this because the woodworker who frequents the farm market usually marks her work with the wood type.

Naturally, I wasn’t even thinking about how big Wyrmgear is when I left so after some haggling I got both pieces for $5 and headed to our next stop.  When I got home I popped down to the workbench and took a shot of Wyrmgear on the prospective wood base.

I think sizing wise the base worked out nicely.  Yes, the harder Bones wings material has turned a nice rosy color since I glued the fellow together and left him sitting on a shelf in my basement.

That night … my Happy Seppuku Kickstarter survey notice arrived.  What to get?  Hmmm.  I play Shadowrun and Battletech … add Steel Diamond Plate to the list:

But then I thought of Wyrmgear and his base.  He can’t just stand on the wood base.  He needs to be on a Diamond Plate floor.  Those metal claws need something to walk on that can take the tromping.  So I worked up what that will look like.

I think the finished look will be awesome.  What do ya think?

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