It’s What to Write Wednesday and I am continuing my test project for Reaper’s Wyrmgear and the use of Happy Seppuku stamps to make a Steampunk base for him.  Okay, it’s not quite Wednesday but I missed one or two and the Thanksgiving holiday keeps me busy.

I bought some of Tim Holtz’s gears and compass coins over the weekend at Michael’s.  Originally intended for use with Shadow Boxes or Scrapbooking, I think they will serve my purposes for steampunking up the base even more.

Compass Coins:

The Plan:  I will add a compass coin to the middle of the base amidst the steel plating from the Happy Seppuku stamp.  Then top it with a gear and a nail through the two down into the wood.  Gear will be free to turn.  Then using the smaller gears I will add two matching gears to the front two shields and two matching gears to the back two shields.  A fifth gear matching the front or back styles will be damaged and placed on the floor near Wyrmgear.  The shiny “unweathered” replacement gear will be on Wyrmgear.

I might use a matching sized boring bit from my drill to create a space for the gears on the shields.  That will allow me to inset the gears a bit.

And then the graphic tinkering to get an approximation of the concept:

Not quite the correct perspective for each but the gist is there.

According to my delivery status, my Happy Seppuku stamps should be at the house now.

*rubs hands together*  Excellent.

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