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Thrym’s Table has a ton of different projects on it at any given time.
So I decided to show some other little projects 
 … some for Markshire Studios and others for gaming.

Wargaming Terrain

My buddy, Eric the Farmer, dropped a Honey Locust tree recently and scavenged some thorns to check out for miniature-related uses.

I took some two-inch tiles and made some Thorn Terrain pieces for use in Wasteland or Alien Landscape scenarios.

A group of 2-inch tiles with the thorns and rough ground.
Another group with flat ground and some ballast.
They are all available, individually and as sets, on the Markshire Studios store.

WoldStand Display Bases

More Black Walnut display pieces.  Five small 2 to 3 inch long pieces of bark with sanded smooth sides and gorgeous rough sides that look like rock faces.

They are all available, individually, on the Markshire Studios store.


I’ve also been working on a website to bring all of the news from the Minatures Industry together in one place.

I’ve created Miniature Gaming Guide:


The MGG pulls RSS Feeds from various sources over the interwebs and combines it into one great list of news stories.  I also started a Miniatures-Related Business Directory.

Soon the MGG Crowdfunding editor and I will be adding the latest miniature-related crowdfunding projects to the site as a separate feature.

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The editors and I will post choice bits from the feeds on occasion.

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