In the latest from the very successful (see widget at right) Kickstarter from +Reaper Miniatures a bonus Stretch Goal appeared from nowhere to be added to the Core Set.  At a measly $1,615,000, Reaper will add to the Core Set a 2 ounce bag of 1″ round bases (approx. 50).

A nice touch as last year people were clamoring for bases and was highly talked about on the Reaper forums.  Personally I bought a 400 ct. container of square tiles.

I’ve used them repeatedly for Bones, normal white metal and even for my Talisman board game minis.  Recently, I used a few to make a quick Bones II related diorama:

You can learn more about the conversion of Mr. Bones from Bones KS I to the character from Bones KS II at on my WIP post about him and the follow up.

In addition to the Bases, Reaper posted the next regular stretch goal to add to the Core Set.  This one is called Under The Sea and includes 2 Kelpies, 1 Evil Mermaid, a Sea Hag and a Wereshark.  See for yourself:

Time for an underwater campaign.  I already have a Work In Progress Dwarven Wereshark.

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