There’s Still Time!

That’s right, the Bones II Kickstarter is winding up for the final rush.  If you haven’t heard about it by now get there.  If you have heard about it, what are you waiting for?  As you can see in my Kickstarter section above there are two others I have pledged for.  But first…

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The Bones Must Flow!

+Reaper Miniatures has released a Bones Sophie!   Their mascot succubus has made the transition to Bones material.

Oh yeah, she’s part of the Core Set and you can add up to 10 extras at $2 each.  Your very own armored succubus squad of Troll Slayers.

And let’s not forget the second large Great Old One … Mashaaf:

Not too long ago she was just a bit of concept art from Talin and now fully realized sculpture.  And while C’thulhu didn’t do much for me, this Ancient Blue Worm on our custom world will be an impressive … “Run or Die” scenario.

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 Some Help Deciding

An impressive stat for those still hesitating … if you bought 1 of every option there are 272 miniatures coming your way.  That’s already better than Bones I.

Reaper has increased the variety this time around. 

You can get cute stuff for your understanding wife or girlfriend with the Mouslings. Which I’ve posted before. But here’s a quick pic for review:

Science Fiction is once again represented not just with Chronoscope conversions to Bones but all new Terrain (shipping container, garbage container, weapons locker, and a specific style of British police box).  Plus the alien Bathalians and Kulathi.

Let’s not forget some of my personal favorites: Translucent Bones.  This time we have three colors so far… Clear including a Gelatinous Cube and oozes; Blue including a water weird, ice golem, wall of ice and a large water elemental; and now Purple including a shadow, shadow hound, shadow tentacles and a large shadow demon.

Blue Background means that it’s part of the Core Expansion #2 for $50.  Orange backgrounds are just add-ons for $10 each.

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Pledge Levels

Some of you might be confused by the pledge levels.  Well they are pretty straight forward.  The Core Set pledge levels are $100 for the Core Set of Bones Miniatures and you can add-on any orange option and/or the three expansions.  You can also add up to 10 of any one of the Core Set miniatures groups.  For more on how to best spend your budget and more just go to the Pledge Calculator.

The other pledge level is just a $1 but you can add any of the available options to your pledge.  Again see the Pledge Calculator for assistance choosing.


In the description for each of the pledge levels which are all limited to a set amount of pledges is the wave in which that pledge level will ship.  This is a great idea for managing the kickstarter’s fulfillment.  The waves are spread out over time and you as a pledger (pledgee?) will know when your wave is going to get picked and shipped.

If you are local to Reaper’s facility don’t try to hop on an early wave because once fulfillment begins you can stop down any time and get yours so just pledge for a later wave and let someone farther away get the earlier options.

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You Are Still Reading This

Get on over to the Kickstarter and pledge.  The more we up the ante the more Stretch Goals we get revealed and the more everyone gets out of this.

Seriously, click the link.

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