I bought the Monster Manual II (published 1983) not long after it was released.  I was still in junior high.  But ever since … Grippli have run amok among our adventure campaigns as player characters.  They’ve fascinated each and every person who has witnessed them in action ever since.

I spent two weeks about 5-6 years ago turning a bullywug 3D model into a grippli model and re-skinning it to look more like arrow frogs for the video game Neverwinter Nights so that we can use them in our online campaign world.

And after all this long time, someone has finally made the near-perfect grippli miniature.  I say near-perfect because they are just a touch upright for me.  A little more curve to the back would make them perfect.  But that’s just a small niggling detail.

I present a nice close-up of the trio, Grippli Hunting Party, from Stonehaven Miniatures’ recent Kickstarter.  I received them last week from Mike and Petra.  Almost teared up when I pulled them out.  So, so tiny they are.

How’s that … big enough?  Logo is something I made, seemed lacking and I know they don’t have one on their website so by all means … here’s a freebie you guys:

Here’s a photo of the Stonehaven loot I received:

And even with the original size … can’t see much.  It was a terrible tease I posted to G+.  *evil grin*  The trio of grippli below are the top left little section of metal in a bubble.  I did not get the completionist level offered by Stonehaven.

Back to Grippli … aren’t they just the most devilish, clever, and tiny humanoids?  Well, tiny is correct.  As you’ll see on the Grippli Wiki that the average grippli stands only two and a half feet tall.  They are even smaller than halflings which I am sad to say have been the stand-ins for our PCs all these years.  *sad face*

But now, I has Grippli!  BOOYAH!  WOOT!

But just to emphasize how damn tiny these little guys are:

I apologize to the Reaper Forumites.  Sir Forescale has gone questing and so he was not present for the photo.  You will simply have to manage with the metal version of Leisynn, Mercenary Mage, and the Bones version of Fulumbar.

Accompanying the trio from the Grippli Hunting Party is the backpacked one on the left from the Elven Companions Expansion and a Swan from the same Kickstarter.  And lastly, there’s a grippli riding a dragonfly.  Yup.  A giant dragonfly.  How cool is that.

Proof that …


To Stonehaven:

Mike, thank you for making these marvelous little pains in the ass for DMs every where.  Petra thanks for staying on top of getting them to us.  Just awesome.

The entire set I received are awesome but I was always in it for the Grippli.

These little dudes will return in a WIP.  I just need to pick up the next level of brush or five, go see the eye doctor, and possibly consider Lazik so I can see these guys.

The original image from the MMII:

One pissed-off little dude.

Below is an illustration from Mike May that he gave me and my crew on Markshire permission to use.  The colors are great but it’s the pose and expression of the green grippli that made it a perfect example.

Well, I hope you love Grippli now along with me and the people I game with.

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