I find it interesting as I have progressed with this project that I liked the method of the under-coat bright color more. I also realized why I tried this.

Like the bright red that my buddy, ub3r n3rd, used on his barbarian dude, the bright blue gives the ogre a tone but in the ogre’s case it’s slightly inhuman.  Check out his entire WIP  on Reaper Forums: WIP 1, WIP 2, WIP 3, WIP 4, WIP 5, WIP 6, WIP 7, WIP 8, WIP 9.

Another source is from makeup concept I found intriguing back in the day or even recently; how they treated Spock’s skin.  He always had this underlying greenish tinge to make him look alien, beyond the ears of course, but it was quite noticeable.

So, with those ideas in mind, here are a couple of quick shots of the skin and basecoats of the rest of him.  His head and neck still have the most paint and the rest need more layers but you can see he’s coming along.  The lighting on this shot is a lot brighter and his actual skin tone is much darker.

Paints involved:

Armor: Reaper Blue Liner – I want to continue the blue shading though much darker and shaded

Wood Club, Wood Shield, Horn and Bracer:  Reaper Walnut Brown – It’s a nice base coat for anything brown based and likely to be in shadow.

Club Straps and Leather Buckles: Reaper Mahogany Brown – The leather will look more interesting with this as a base.  The club straps are either going to be brass/bronze metal or more leather.

Quick Dry Brush over Walnut Brown: Reaper Mahogany Brown – Again, it’s a nice in between/mid-tone color for the wood pieces.

Icy Shield Covering: Ashen Blue – I am going to treat this like it’s an ice elemental that is trapped on the shield.  Still have to decide on the material of the shields binding.  Maybe some Reaper Honed Steel over Reaper True Silver like I did for the Marvel Golem, Colossus.

More to come.  Check out the initial WIP.

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