A quick update on Vaeloth for my exchange.

Spent a bit of time working out what colors I want to paint the Hellborn.

Initial Basecoat:

The red is Reaper’s Fresh Blood, except the epulets holding the wolf cloak which are Gory Red.  Reaper New Gold on the shield top and the hand guard on the sword.  Imperial Purple on the leather undercoat and the scaled armor at the shoulder.

Added more colors in the next pass:

Reaper’s Honed Steel is lightly brushed on the scaled armor.  The wolf was started with Vallejo Ochre Brown and shaded a little with Reaper Oiled Leather.  The second scale coat is Vallejo Deep Sky Blue mixed with a smidge of Imperial Purple.  Vaeloth’s skin started with the Oiled Leather and washed a few times with the Imperial Purple to make him darker and a more interesting skin tone.

More to come.  Gotta finish him some how this weekend and get him mailed.

Here’s a larger version of a Front-Left shot of Vaeloth’s open stance.  Added per request in comments by +Robert Miller on the +Miniatures Painting community.

PS.  Thanks for the share Robert.

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