For Finger Lakes Paint Day, a monthly paint day I host at the office, I spent all my time on getting Kagunk, the Ogre Chieftain, near to completion.

I’ve discovered a new favorite color … Reaper’s Promo color from ReaperCon 2014’s grab bag … Rattlesnake Leather.

Let me point out all the places I used this color … *points to the armor on Kagunk* … year pretty much everywhere.  Okay, the obvious points are the studded leather pieces around his waist and the scale plates on his belly. But it’s also in the leather strap for his shoulder piece.  The gold color on his shoulder piece.  The dark gold on his bracer.  The reddish straps on his bracer and the shield.  Oh and the Skulls at his side.

At 4/1 or whatever water to paint ratio I ended up with the Rattlesnake Leather really adds a great yellow tone to the basecoat.

The above shot was about 2:30/3:00 today after about an hour and a half of painting.  The next shots are about 5:30 today.

I grabbed some of Reaper’s Autumn Shadow to add more reds to the piece like the scabbard and his eyebrows and mouth.  I also went over the Mahogany Brown straps on teh club and the horn with it.  Then to clean up the edges and add more contrast, I went around with more of Reaper’s Blue Liner to wash in the shadows.  This is especially noticeable on the shield face.

I think when next we see Kagunk … it’ll be for Show Off.

Haven’t seen the rest of the WIPs … here you go:  WIP 1  |  WIP 2  |  WIP 3  |  WIP 4

Also check out the WoldStand Display Bases over at Markshire Studios.  Some great natural wood display bases in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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