I decided to start a project based on a piece my friend, Knarthex, gave me at the Finger Lakes Paint Day last Saturday.

It was a neat piece of white marble in the shape of a hexagon that was intended to be used for floor tiles.  One side of the hex is glued to string webbing that would keep a sheet of them together and spaced correctly.

So, I put the smooth side down and cleaned the webbing away from the edges and contemplated the piece and what minis I have waiting for bases.

I chose the P-65 Heavy Metal version of Reaper Miniatures Young Swamp Dragon I’ve been saving since Reaper cleared out their lead in favor of the Bones material.

At this point I decided to apply little plastic squares as tile work using Elmers Craftbond Quick Dry Glue.  I found the tiles in a packet at our local Salvation Army and decided they would work for just this sort of project.  I left the alignment rough as I will rough em up and age them.
The web backing will keep the basing materials secured to the smooth marble.

Just the body of the dragon sitting atop the glued tiles.

While waiting for the glue to dry, I set upon the dragon’s integral base with my Xacto hand saw.

Once the glue was set, I sanded the tops of the tiles and then sanded the 6 edges of the tiles to clean up any overhangs or sharp points.

I manage to get the integral base removed.  Sadly the hind leg didn’t much care for the effort and came free.  I think there might have been a bubble inside that section of the dragon’s leg.

After some reconstructive surgery his hind leg is rebuilt.  Once the Kneadatite Green Stuff completely cures I will add some more to sculpt the leg back to shape.

 While the hind leg’s green stuff cures I brushed on a couple of primer coats with Reaper Brush-on Primer.

 Stay tuned for more photos and work on this magnificent mini and it’s marble base.

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