My long time generic bad guy, the Giant Mountain Troll sculpted by Sandra Garrity from Reaper Miniatures, came out of the carry box to get cleaned, repainted, and repaired.  His nose suffered a long drop to the floor which flattened his bulbous nose considerably.

Stock photo from the Reaper’s online catalog.


His paint has been cleaned off with a Simple Green double dip and scrubbing.
His nose filed back to sort of bulbous.

From there he received priming using Reaper Grey Primer.

From there I lined him with Reaper Midnight Black.

Some basecoats.

Colors include:

Some initial details added:

I mixed a weathering wash from …

You can see the coloring from the weathering wash best on his pants below his knees.

His skin is highlighted with some Reaper Jungle Camo mixed with Vallejo Yellow Green.  His teeth and hair are highlighted with Vallejo Pancer Aces Stencil.  And his hair is greyed with Reaper Rainy Grey mixed with some Vallejo Pancer Aces Stencil.

The boar is also mainly white with some darker grey along his spine and then some of my weather wash applied along the spine as well.


I decided that his hair should be white because he looks a bit older than your usual troll from Reaper.  As I painted his face and head, it further implied he was older and more world worn.  So this informed his clothes a bit as well; a better shirt with less wear and bolder color, a nicer fur from an animal with colors matching his shirt.  But his pants are still dirty and worn on the cuffs from living in the woods, near the swamps.

Stay tuned.


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