The Egg Thief

I pulled another miniature off the wall of shame, Reaper Miniatures' Lunkh, Hill Giant.  Amusingly, it's another of Jason Wiebe's sculpts, so there are tons of detail on it.

He's mostly finished and you can see the process in the WIP below.

I started out with lining the tan primed mini with Reaper Gray Liner and testing out some flesh tones and settled on Reaper Tanned Shadow as the middle tone.

From there I started assigning colors to his various furs and the armor under his fur vest.

Here are some more photos:

Time for details:

The shield is Reaper Midnight Blue around the outside, Reaper Malvernian Purple, Vallejo Pancer Aces Stencil, with a separator of Reaper Auburn Shadow.

The club is Reaper Ruddy Brown, banded with Reaper Tarnished Steel, leather wrapped handle is Reaper Terran Khaki

The loin cloth skull is Vallejo Pancer Aces Stencil and the reeds are Reaper Terran Khaki.

I painted the rock with Reaper Tarnished Steel and the arm fur wraps with more Reaper Gray Liner.

The rat on the bag is Reaper Spattered Crimson and Reaper Maroon Red for the tail.

The pouch is more Reaper Jungle Camo.

Final details:

I cleaned up his belly and added Reaper Carrottop Red to his hair and touched up the colors around the piece.  The jacket got a bit of Vallejo Japanese Uniform WWII dried brushed over the fur.  His arm furs were painted with more Vallejo Japanese Uniform WWII.

His eyes are Army Painter Hydra Turquoise and tongue is Reaper Red Shadow.

He's pretty close to finished so the next post will be his show off piece.  Stay tuned.

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