So I took a bit and edited the photo of the Blood Lich from my previous post.

I added larger altar pylons that will have small bead globes at the top that I will do an OSL for them.

Then I add a rim to the blood altar’s bowl with a spout off the front.

In addition to all of that as mentioned earlier, I will raise the platform up … three to four inches … with some dowels and casting or similar.  That will get a rock face treatment but more smooth bore than the outcropping itself.

Finally I’ll paint the bottom with some form of weighty paint/liquid that I can give a riled blood look to.  Finally, we’ll import a demon or some other largish otherworldly critter to be the results of the summons.

I will attempt to leave the two minis and their bases as removable so I can use them. The Blood Lich is a boss in one of my adventures.

And here’s essentially the final scene of the adventure:

Now I just have to make the dream a reality and not f’ it up.

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