Once again I’ve left the diorama to sit while another project came up for the Halloween Contest at ReaperMini.com.  However, I did manage to prime the whole thing.  I did add some sand to the pit wall and smooth it out to do some texturing and fill.

So here’s some pictures using my new fiery backdrop:

After finishing the priming layer I added some more sand to the steps for loose gravel and and pebbles.

Then after having sat for a while I ran some details with some mixes of Reaper MSP Walnut Brown and Sapphire Blue as well as Vallejo Stencil and Delta Ceramcoat Granite (the primer coat).

Here I am just playing with the plains and cuts I made in the base when carved the face down a bit.  I don’t mind what I got from it but I will go and look at some reference scenes and go back to it.

I used the muted Sapphire Blue to highlight every other section ans see how things look.  When I got through the whole face I went back with a wash of Granite to mute the excessive highlights I had made.  Not that they won’t come back but so far, I like what I got.  Just gotta keep plugging away at it.

The glow from the lid to my wet palette is interesting.  Doesn’t help the picture but it does give me ideas for the future.

Review the whole project. 

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