Another great piece of Bark found amidst the remains of a local Ent of the Black Walnut tribe.  This “mitt” is 8.75 inches long x 5.5″ inches wide at it’s peak points.

Like the custom ordered piece, Treant Mitt 1 (WIP 1 & WIP 2), I’ll sand this down and clean it up.  Currently, it still has a ton of sawdust and other particulates on the bark side.  I’ve already removed loose pieces … you’ll find those in the Markshire Studios’ Bark category soon.  There are some great pieces already available so check those out.

This piece will go online for sale when I finish, so be prepared for it.  It’ll go fast.

Here’s one with Elan from Order of the Stick for example size and the ruler.

Stay tuned for updates.  The sanding commences this weekend.

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