We cut lots of wood and leave lots of pieces in the scrap bin. Well, we just processed a beautiful seasoned branch of oak and cut it every which way right up to the very last piece, the spot where it was cut from the body of the tree.

For some reason I spent a few minutes looking at the piece and decided to bring it with me to clean up. As you can see in the pics it cleaned up but I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

So, I had just posted an ash burl (http://goo.gl/jHoUh2) and suggested in the description making it into a treasure horde for your dragon. And I realized what this piece was… a broken column sitting amongst the dwarven horde lost to a dragon.

As you can see below, I painted the middle to resemble granite. I left it slightly exaggerated so the paint could be seen under the gold and artifacts I was planning to place on it.

Next step, add the booty to the piece. Which is going to require making some treasure bits, golden and silvery pieces with a smattering of platinum. The last question is, being a dwarven treasure, would you use coins, bullion nuggets, or both for the piled mass?

 Available soon on Markshire Studios store.

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