Switching from ideas (Wyrmgear 1 & Wyrmgear 2) on what to do with Wyrmgear.  Okay, Test One… begin.

I have a set of cookie cutters that are hex shaped.  The largest of which make a hex that doesn’t quite make it to the edges of my WoldStand Display Base.

So I rolled out some Sculpey and after a couple of tries with varies levels of softness and pressure, I managed to get the diamond plate pattern from my Happy Seppuku stamp onto the service.

Because the stamp is smaller than the hex in question I stamped the hex twice.  Using the edge to create a seam.

After getting what I wanted I fired the Sculpey 

Here’s the raw piece after cooking …  the speckles are from a “granite” Sculpey kit I got as a present.

Then during paint day I primed it …

Then I did some painting to see what effects I could create like spilled oil or rust.

Basecoats and Washes …

And then some details …

The whole stamping thing on Sculpey was a pain.  You can see where I missed getting some detail from the stamp.

So while not the finished piece, I figured I could try it out and see what it takes to make it look nice.

Here’s the finished piece for Test Hex with Diamond Plate pattern … it’s attached to a Red Oak Hexagon from WoldStand.

This piece is available for sale at my Etsy store for Markshire Studios.

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